Chocolate Amatller Luna Coffee-COPY

by Rafael De Penagos Zalabardo

1914 Young Aristocratic Woman Requesting Tea.

A lifelong resident of Madrid, de Penagos was doubtless acquainted with many aristocratic young women such as this. If she were not clearly in a commercial establishment, she could almost be the unseen summoner of the previous image. Although she may be gesturing to a companion, her pencil suggests that she is probably alone and simply requesting a refill. Whether she is or is not well-known (the name Lita Cassayas under her portrait is another mystery), the details are stellar here. The sumptuous pillows, the stained-glass lamp-cum-epergne spilling over with fruit all demonstrate the same passion for color, pattern and texture so evident in the prior poster. Rare.

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18"x24" (46cm x 61cm) Stretch $199.99
24"x36" (61cm x 91cm) Stretch $269.99
32"x44" (81cm x 111cm) Stretch $369.99
38"x50"(97cm x127cm) Stretch $469.99

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