Pennsylvania Railroad Atlantic City Resort

by Eggleston

Pennsylvania Railroad's service to Americas Great Seashore Resort-Atlantic City.

Journey back in time with this stupendous Eggleston design for the Pennsylvania Railroads service to Americas Great Seashore Resort--Atlantic City. Seen in a glorified vision of the citys heyday, the artist enthrones the city that made Boardwalk a household name as the Queen of an American Riveria. Absolutely everything about the design simmers with elegance and style, from the chateau-like magnificence of the architecture to the wide-brimmed welcome of the sunning beauty. An exquisite memento of a more gracious era.

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32"x44" (81cm x 111cm) Stretch $369.99 ......
38"x50"(97cm x127cm) Stretch $469.99 ......

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