Arrow Dress Shirts and Collars

by Joseph Leyendecker

Dancing couple in their evening wear.

For Arrow Shirts, probably his leading client after the Saturday Evening Post Leyendecker created a world of wealthy WASPs--college men, sportsmen, society dandies--all looking made of something midway between marble and mortal flesh, and right out of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Indeed, they became so much the standard for American male looks that we might more correctly say Fitzgeralds characters are out of Leyendecker: In his 1929 story, The Last of the Belles, a man with a handsome, earnest face (and) a Leyendecker forelock is the type the heroine hopes to marry. For all we know, her vision of a happy ending could have come from this very Arrow poster.

Stretched Canvas Options

18"x24" (46cm x 61cm) Stretch $199.99 ......
24"x36" (61cm x 91cm) Stretch $269.99 ......
32"x44" (81cm x 111cm) Stretch $369.99 ......
38"x50"(97cm x127cm) Stretch $469.99 ......

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